Sunday, 21 June 2015

The third anniversary of this blog

To mark the triannual celebration for the third anniversary of this blog (Ms Dasher and her associates began this in June 2012) we thought we would post links to our 15 favorite posts from the last 12 months, since July 2014. These are the favorites of the blog creators and maintainers, rather than hits from visitors or google recommends. We selected 15 posts on the grounds of the leather-clad lady, celebrity or not, being particularly lovely; or the leather garment the lovely lady was wearing being particularly sexy. Here they are, from the earliest post:

1. Shanina Shaik in a leather pencil skirt
We think the Australian model Shanina Shaik has a particularly lovely, exotic look. In September 2014, we posted pictures of her wearing a tight black leather pencil skirt:

2. Bella Thorne in a tight leather skirt
Flame-haired young American actress/model Bella Thorne obviously loves wearing leather, as she's been featured frequently on Lovely Ladies in Leather in the past twelve months. Our favorite was this post, also from September 2014, when she wore this tight black leather skirt:

3. Shay Mitchell in tight leather pants
Beautiful Canadian actress Shay Mitchell is also frequently photographed wearing leather, and we're big fans of this particular lovely lady and her stunning, exotic looks. Here she is looking fantastic in a post from October 2014, wearing a white jacket and skin-tight black leather pants:

4. Unknown Italian brunette in a leather pencil skirt
More on motor show girls later, but we were quite taken with this lovely Italian brunette wearing a black leather pencil skirt, from a Lamborghini motor show, posted in December 2014.

5. Lauren Silverman in a tight leather pencil skirt
We must have a thing for lovely brunettes in pencil skirts, because our next favourite was American socialite Lauren Silverman in this very tight black leather pencil skirt, also posted in December 2014:

6. Angelica Celaya in a tight leather skirt
Continuing the brunette/tight pencil skirt theme, we really enjoyed posting this video in December 2014 of Mexican-American actress Angelica Celaya flaunting her assets in a very tight black leather skirt, while appearing on a chatshow:

7. Kate Upton in a leather dress
No we haven't ignored the blondes! For all you fans of lovely blondes in leather, we also liked American actress/model Kate Upton's tight black military or nurse uniform-style leather dress, also from December 2014:

8. Chloe Sims in a tight leather skirt
We enjoyed British reality TV star/glamour model Chloe Sims' leather outfit which was posted in January 2015, mainly because her burgundy pencil skirt was so exquisitely tight:

9. Ana de Armas in a leather dress
We thought the beautiful Cuban actress Ana de Armas looked absolutely gorgeous and lovely in this grey leather dress from the end of January 2015. Very striking:

10. LLL of the Day 10: Strawberry blonde in a leather outfit
One of our top favorite LLL of the Days was this strawberry blonde model from February 2015, wearing a very interesting leather outfit, almost secretary-style, with a leather jacket, blouse and tie, and a leather skirt with suspender-detail style tights. We liked it so much she briefly became the blog background:

11. LLL of the Day 43: Motor Show Girls
We had a few posts with the motor show girl in leather theme, but this post from March 2015 was probably the best if lovely, sweet East Asian girls clad in clinging leather really do it for you:

12.  LLL of the Day 62: Blonde in a leather pencil skirt
We just thought this blonde looked particularly nice and lovely, and particularly sexy, in this tight leather pencil skirt:

13. Gigi Hadid in leather
We are, unashamedly, fans of Gigi Hadid. This blonde American model doesn't seem to be to everyone's taste, but we like her sense of style. Her pretty cherubic face reminds us of a young Portia De Rossi from the television series Ally McBeal. It's a shame if you're not a fan, because like her friend Kendall Jenner, she frequently wears leather. This post from last month shows off some of her leather looks while she filmed a Maybelline endorsement. We particularly liked her tight black leather pants:

14. LLL of the Day 77: Leather Selfie
We really liked LLL 77 from May 2015, which featured this beautiful South American girl from Chile, who has striking blue eyes. She took a selfie of herself while she was wearing incredibly tight black leather pants:

15. Jennifer Metcalfe in a leather pencil skirt
And only just from last week, our last favorite post of the last 12 months features British actress Jennifer Metcalfe. As with the British glamour model Chloe Sims in January, we liked this for Jennifer's exquisitely tight leather pencil skirt:

There are many more fantastic posts from the last 12 months, and it was incredibly difficult to pick out just 15 from all the featured posts of the previous year. In fact, we could have featured many more selections, or selected fifteen completely different posts which would have been just as sexy. This was based on our own personal opinions/consensus. We are sure you will have your own personal favorites.

Here's to the next twelve months!


  1. I will support your blog for the next 12 years, Lovely!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! Glad you're enjoying the blog :-D