Monday, 26 August 2019

Lovely Leather Ladies in Sweden 11: Blonde in Very Tight Leather Pants

Candid public images of a Swedish blonde chatting to her friend, whilst wearing super-tight black leather pants:


  1. Some of you may remember the now sadly defunct website Those who do may recognise photo #1 from this set as #18343 on that site, #2 here was #18170 there, and #5 here was #17648 there. From its creation in 2011 until it was "temporarily disabled" in April 2018 (if you try accessing it now it still says that) was my favourite website and my primary source of images of women in this attire. Incidentally, does anyone know why it was taken down - I suspect because of possible copyright or data protection issues, but no explanation was given. "Amateur babes in leather pants, skirts and boots", it proudly proclaimed, but in truth (and particularly in later years) its interpretation of "amateur", "babes" and "leather" was, to say the least, fairly liberal. Of course there was a fair amount of what to me was dross, but there was also quite a lot of pure gold. And it was through that I developed my love of Scandinavian women in leather. For one of its own primary sources, at least until about 2013, was blogs by mainly Swedish but also plenty of Norwegian and a few Danish women. A quick Google search, and you could find the original blog, and all the Elins and Malins and Idas and Fridas you could possibly dream of. Many of them weren't proper fashion blogs in the sense that they gave considered fashion advice to stylish women; most were just simply electronic diaries of what the women (quite a few of whom were relatively young, the Scandi equivalent of say sixth-formers) did on a day-to-day basis. And much of what they did, they did so whilst looking effortlessly gorgeous in leather pants. Later, although still featured Scandis in leather it did so less frequently, and the bloggers themselves moved away from leather fashions. It's good to see though that recently, as evidenced on this site, Scandinavian girls are once again favouring the leather look. I doubt that will ever be resurrected, but fortunately I've downloaded and saved about at least 20% of its content. The moral here, ladies and gentlemen, is that any website, even one's especial favourites, can disappear overnight without any warning - so if you see an image you like, wherever it is, download and save it somewhere safe and search for the original source, because the site you first find it on might not be around tomorrow!

    1. Thank you Johnnyboy. You should also keep an eye on my Tight Skirt blog: Although it's not solely dedicated to ladies wearing leather I'm going to be posting some nice tight skirt street candids in the next few weeks, which may be of interest to you.