Friday, 8 July 2016

Miscellaneous Leather 18: Leather Mini Skirts (Part Two)

Part Two of lovely ladies wearing leather mini skirts:


  1. What's the name of the woman in pic 11? She seems to have shown up in a few of these posts.

    1. You mean the brunette with the grey crop top & leather-look mini-skirt? I'm afraid I have no idea who she is- I tried a google search. My best guess is that she's a low profile fashion model. If you let me know where you noticed her appear elsewhere, I could try another google image search and see if I have better luck. I can't remember where I sourced the image from, it could be tumblr or pininterest.

  2. Yes I was referring to grey top. I thought she was also in misc leather 14, but upon further review I think that is someone else. Thanks for trying.

  3. I finally figured it out. It's a model named Zuleyka Silver