Monday, 12 August 2019

Lovely Leather Ladies in Sweden 4: Shop assistant in leather pants

Candid public images of a clothes shop assistant in Sweden, climbing a stepladder whilst wearing tight black leather pants:


  1. In the previous Swedish post featuring the girl at the Metro station, we had cause to praise the happy coincidence of a beautiful and stylish girl and a fortunate and daring photographer. We do the same here, but in this set we find another pleasing circumstance. Why did the manager/supervisor, who we presume to be the guy in blue slacks and beige top who appears on the right in some of the photos keeping a watchful eye on proceedings, instruct this particular assistant to ascend the steps and attend to the spotlights? It's delightfully clear that she's a little stretched in so doing; could not someone a bit taller have undertaken the task a little more expeditiously? But human nature is what it is the world over. Thus we presume that the "someone a bit taller" wasn't a gorgeous girl with a divine ass and a perfect pair of leather pants to showcase it in. We further presume that Swedish retail managers are no less immune to the charms of their attractive and attractively-clad colleagues than the rest of us, and would rather avail themselves of (or, dare we suggest, deliberately instigate!) opportunities to admire such attractions than expeditiously rearrange the store lighting - a perspective which, of course, we wholeheartedly endorse. Lastly, amongst the many delights of this sequence, we find that the loose chain belt adds a thrillingly sensual and provocative aspect to her attire.

    1. She looks great and I agree about the chain belt!

  2. One further thought - we presume that big Swedish department stores operate a more relaxed dress code than their British counterparts. Whilst leather pants would be acceptable, indeed probably encouraged, in a British boutique or small independent, a girl probably wouldn't get away with this in a large department store like Selfridge's or John Lewis, where a far stricter uniform policy prevails.