Saturday, 29 June 2013

The 15 most popular Lovely Ladies in Leather

To mark the one year anniversary of my blog, "Lovely Ladies in Leather", I checked the stats to discover the most popular Lovely leather-clad Ladies. I wanted to know which of my posts had gained the most hits and clicks over the past twelve months. So here is a run-down of the top fifteen- according to you, the fans of this blog. Obviously there will be a bit of a bias toward older posts as they have been up online for longer, but I have to say I found the results somewhat surprising. Here we go then....

15. Olivia Wilde- August 2012
To start off, American actress Olivia Wilde had your eyes popping and fingers clicking when she wore this super-tight PVC skirt:

14. Shay Mitchell- December 2012
Sultry Canadian actress Shay Mitchell was very popular with you when she wore these very tight black leather pants with a colourful psychedelic top:

13. Kate Hudson- August 2012
Loads of you clicked on blonde American actress Kate Hudson's pics when she worked her "secretary in leather" look with a tight black leather pencil skirt and black blouse:

12. AnnaLynn McCord- December 2012
The thing about lovely ladies wearing tight leather/leather-look pants or leather skirts is that they have shiny butts- and guys, I am sure that is what made you click on American actress AnnaLynn McCord's pictures when she wore shiny leather-look leggings. And she was certainly not shy when she decided to show off that shiny butt for the cameras!

11. Daisy Lowe- August 2012
Many of you clicked on the pictures of the attractive British model Daisy Lowe looking very stylish and sophisticated here in what is almost a full leather suit outfit:

10. Shenae Grimes- December 2012
This isn't really that surprising. The Canadian actress Shenae Grimes is wearing an extremely tight black leather mini-skirt here. Almost eye-wateringly tight. That obviously caught your eyes too.

9. Mila Kunis- August 2012
I'm sure that a lot of you are Mila Kunis fans. And I'm sure if you are, you enjoyed the post showing her wearing a tight black leather pencil skirt. Of course you did!

8. Maria Menounos- September 2012
Fans of the female ass have struck again. Come on. Admit it guys. You saw the photos of America's Maria Menounos  and her incredible leather-clad ass and thought: "I wanna get me some of that." Ms Menounos and her leather-clad ass beat plenty of other famous shiny leather-clad asses in terms of click popularity, including Anna Lynn McCord (above); Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, to name but a few...

7. Lindsay Ellingson- November 2012
Pictures of stunning blonde American fashion model Lindsay Ellingson wearing this tight leather pencil skirt were very popular:

6. Anonymous Blonde- August 2012
EDIT 19/09/2013: I have been informed that this photograph is of a sexy German lady named Heike. There is a link in the comments below to her personal website.
We'll never know who this or what her face looks like, but plenty of you were drawn to the delectable ass of this unknown blonde who has somehow managed to squeeze herself into skin-tight leather:

5. Carla Ossa- September 2012
The dark and sultry Colombian model Carla Ossa was very popular with Lovely Ladies in Leather blog visitors. All of her posts were frequently visited, but her most popular was this one of her wearing a soft leather/leatherette skirt:

4. Victoria Justice- July 2012
Obviously there are a lot of Victoria Justice fans out there. And you enjoy seeing her wearing leather. The post of her wearing shiny jeans was also popular, but almost 800 of you at time of posting were drawn to the picture of her wearing black leather pants. You guys adore Victoria!

3. Alexandria DeBerry- December 2012
Over 1300 of you (at time of posting) this have clicked on this cute and perky young blonde American actress wearing a pleated leatherette skirt:

2. Belen Rodriguez- October 2012
At time of posting over 1400 of you really like the pouting, sultry Argentinian model in her snazzy shiny gold blouse and black leather mini-skirt:

Yet she came a very distant second to...

1. Here she is. The most popular Lovely Lady in Leather. Her post was only made in May 2013 and yet she is the runaway winner with over 3800+ clicks at time of posting. I can only assume there is a significant crossover between leather fans and Doctor Who fans? Anyway, the most popular Lovely Lady in Leather is...British actress Jenna Louise Coleman. Congratulations Jenna. A lot of people think you look awesome in leather, PVC, rubber, or whatever that is!

Jenna Louise Coleman- May 2013

I hope you enjoyed all of those (again)- you chose them with your clicks!- and here's to another twelve months of Lovely Ladies in Leather!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Janet Bailey in tight leather pants

Janet Bailey, a girlfriend of American actor Connor Paolo, wearing tight black leather pants:

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Jennifer Lopez in a leather suit

American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez wearing a leather suit with a jacket and slitted pencil skirt:

Kate Upton wearing a leather pencil skirt

American model Kate Upton wearing a tight black leather pencil skirt: