Tuesday, 12 May 2015

LLL of the Day 77: Leather Selfie

Today's Lovely Lady in Leather is a blue-eyed brunette taking a selfie of herself wearing skin-tight black leather pants:

NOTICE: The Lovely Ladies in Leather blog is now taking an extended break- but we hope to be back in a few weeks with more leather-clad female celebs and everyday lovely ladies in leather.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Miranda Kerr in a leather mini-skirt

Another Lovely Lady who is frequently featured on this blog- Australian model Miranda Kerr wearing a black leather mini-skirt:

with Selena Gomez

Gigi Hadid in leather

American model Gigi Hadid has been wearing lots of leather recently.

First of all, Gigi in tight black leather jeans:

Gigi in blue leather pants:

Gigi in a black leather top:

Gigi in a purple leather mini-skirt:

Gigi in a black leather jacket:

And finally, Gigi squeezed herself into tight black leather pants and messed about on a bike for a bit...

...before she went to chill out on some steps:

LLL of the Day 76: Margo Khybedzeva in leather

Today's Lovely Lady in Leather is a sexy young lady from Ukraine, amateur model Margo Khybedzeva wearing a black leather jacket and skin-tight black leather pants:

Margo with a charming young blonde friend wearing a black leather jacket