Friday, 20 June 2014

Top ten most popular Lovely Ladies in Leather- according to you

These are the top ten most popular Lovely Ladies in Leather according to you- the fans and visitors to this page. They are ranked by post hits, and there is an overwhelming winner. Counting down from 10th place...

10. Margot Robbie  (1709 hits)
Australian actress Margot Robbie wore a black leather trench coat, a leather pencil skirt and boots in this post from September 2012:

9. Alexandra Morgan (1910 hits)
American soccer player Alex Morgan wore a black leather pencil skirt in this post from October 2012:

8. Chloe Sims (1969 hits)
British reality TV star and glamour model Chloe Sims wore a very tight black leather skirt in this post from July 2013:

7. Bar Refaeli (2000 hits)
Israeli model Bar Refaeli wore this all-leather outfit in this post from November 2012:

6. Blake Lively (2158 hits)
American actress Blake Lively wore a tight leather pencil skirt in this post from May 2013:

5. Melissa Debling (2363 hits)
British glamour model Melissa Debling was predictably popular in this post from July 2012, showing off her bottom in a pair of tight leather-look leggings:

4. Miranda Cosgrove (2522 hits)
American actress Miranda Cosgrove was popular in this short pleated leather skirt in this post from October 2012:

3. Sarah Shahi (3348 hits)
Iranian-American actress Sarah Shahi has been very popular wearing this very tight leather pencil skirt in screenshots posted from this post in May 2013:

2. Belen Rodriguez (3673 hits)
Argentine model Belen Rodriguez is the runner-up as the most popular with visitors to this page. She wore a leather mini-skirt in this post from September 2012:

1. Emily Ratajkowski (11, 697 hits)
We have an overwhelming winner. Visitors, fans, internet bots and crawlers just seem to love this post from July 2013 of American model Emily Ratajkowski, in which she looks very sexy indeed in a tight leather pencil skirt with a deep side split:

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