Sunday, 1 June 2014

Where Lovely Ladies in Leather is most popular

According to our metrics, these are the top ten countries where Lovely Ladies in Leather has had the most visitors from in the last two years: (Numbers accurate as of today, and rounded up to the nearest hundred):

1. United States:   150,000 visitors
2. Great Britain:    101,000 visitors
3. Germany:          71,000 visitors
4. France:             27,000 visitors
5. Canada:            18,000 visitors
6. Japan:               12,500 visitors
7. Holland:            12,000 visitors
8. Spain:                 6,500 visitors
9. Australia:            5,000 visitors
10. Italy:                 4,000 visitors

Predictably, mainly English-speaking countries with broad access to the Internet top the list. Of all non-English speaking countries, Germany is overwhelmingly ahead in the statistics, as there is a huge margin of interest between it and France, which is 4th in the list. There seems to be a stronger leather-fetish interest there than in other European countries (non-English speaking). Outside North America and Europe, leather-fetish appears to be most popular in Japan and Australia. It's also important to remember that the nationality of the Lovely Ladies in Leather featured might affect how clicks are generated, however it's worth noting that Lovely Ladies in Leather has never featured any Japanese female celebrities.

Just for the purposes of comparison, here are the all-time top six most popular countries for visitors to our "Arrogant German Women in Leather" blog, which has been active since the middle of 2013:

1. Germany:            35,000 visitors
2. United States:        6,000 visitors
3. Great Britain:         3,000 visitors
4. Holland:                2,000 visitors
5. Austria:                 1,500 visitors
6. Switzerland:           1,200 visitors

Here Germany feature most prominently of all, along with usual suspects the USA and GB, neighbours Holland, and neighbouring German-speaking countries Austria and Switzerland.

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