Saturday, 29 June 2019

Miscellaneous Leather 116: Leather Hotpants and Shorts

It's high summer, and in heat the most popular leather garment are shorts or tight sexy are a selection of lovely ladies wearing fashionable leather shorts or very tight and naughty hotpants:

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  1. Done properly, i.e. styled like denim cut-offs (daisy dukes, in the argot), leather shorts are outrageously sexy, as #4 and #5 convincingly demonstrate (#4 has given me quite a few satisfying outcomes since I first came across her). But they're rather unforgiving on the more aesthetically challenged, even more so than leather miniskirts, and are thus best suited to the younger leather wearers. The hotpants style in say #8 and #12 I find less inspiring, and frankly I associate them with the glamour and soft-porn genres, which I'm not really into. #6 is British actress and singer Billie Piper.