Saturday, 29 June 2019

Miscellaneous Leather 115: Leather Mini-Skirts (Part 22)

More leggy lovely ladies squeezed into thigh-skimming and mostly tight-fitting leather mini-skirts:


  1. #8 is British/Portuguese fashion blogger Patricia Batatas aka Peexo. #23 - I've never seen this one before, and I don't know who they are or what the context is. But honestly, this photo just blew me away instantly. Those are two of the sexiest, tightest little leather skirts I've ever seen in all my many years of admiring ladies in leather (and the girls aren't bad either!). There MUST be more of them out there somewhere; I'd give anything for side and rear views! No wonder this photo is now the site's wallpaper. Superb, it really is an all-time classic.

    1. Indeed! I really liked #23 as well, hence the choice of wallpaper for the blog as you noted. I originally sourced it from Pinterest, and I had to do a bit of stalkery detective work to find out where the photo first came from. So it's actually two amateur Eastern European girls, the one on the right is a Serbian Instagrammer called Natasa Randjic (the URL is but her photos are now private), and I believe the other girl in the super-tight leather skirt is her friend Jelena Gajic. That was an Instagram photo posted from a nightclub event which must have ended up trending with leather lovers. They are really lovely girls and both wearing exquisitely tight and sexy leather skirts.