Sunday 29 November 2020

Miscellaneous Leather 148: Tight Pants and Shiny Leggings (Part 38)

 More lovely ladies squeezed into snug, tight leather pants and shiny leather-look leggings:

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  1. Syllogism:
    Dirty old men go for girls in leather.
    You are a girl in leather.
    I go for you.
    Therefore: I am a dirty old man.
    (change the setting to clean up
    my act this evening and do
    something not dirty old mannish).
    Thank you for posing.
    I will be looking in again.
    a man's gotta do what he's gotta do/
    even if it is poop by normal standards! hehe
    Every two to five days, dear lovelies,
    If you don't tell anyone, I won't!
    I think I'm being amusing. Agreed?
    Now it's back to my books instead
    of off to your boots! Maybe I've got
    my priorities all wrong??!!! But lovelies,
    I gotta justify my existence to myself/
    be able to live with myself and be
    little bit/lot proud! hehe I am a thinker
    and a poet, and that's all I am. I don't
    have anyone like you do. So what am
    I going to do? Sit around all day and
    go pooh, feasting my eyes on you?
    I guess that's not what's expected?
    Shall we compromise? I write books
    to please you, and you wear your stuff....
    and smile in return? A book for a smile,
    it's a steal! Deal? lol aha