Sunday 9 January 2022

Leather/Shiny Ass Part 45

More lovely ladies showing off their sexy asses in tight leather clothing and other shiny/leather-look garments:


  1. hello dear gals,
    i had my heart set on model no. twelve,
    the sweet one with the sweeter ass,
    and the intriguing tattoos, looks like
    something that washed up by the waves
    on an ocean beach, COULD IT BE A MERMAID,
    i don't know if mermaids wear leather,
    i don't know we built any underwater
    cities yet where mermaids can buy leather,
    in fashion outlets, but after seeing this
    gentle lass with all her swirling shapes,
    i have few doubts about underwater
    fashion-scapes. however, question
    arises if leather got wet, wouldn't
    it lose its shine? so model no. twelve,
    what can she me if not a mermaid?
    Well I guess we'll have our answer if
    we but subtract the first three letters,
    just a lovely maiden in LEATHER!
    If she ever wants to star in a film show
    involving mermaids, guess she'll have
    to buy a mermaid tail, and pull it write
    up over her leather skirted butt, so
    when comes the bedroom scene, it
    will be super exciting to watch her
    pull off her mermaid's scaly tail to reveal
    her leathered tail and whatever's underneath
    will be worth the wait, the film will climax reach,
    just as model no. twelve, her naked bare keister
    does reveal, to her co-star, could that be me??!!!

  2. Other Tributes, really spoiled for choice,
    thistime, more than any other, where to
    begin, ah brother! the one in the first
    frame tied like a pig, very pretty lass,
    but demeaning type pic., the next one
    in the skirt of red leather, and the lovely
    white blouse,and the faint question of
    a smile/what can i say/she's a reverie
    on two legs/something at which with
    open mouth to gape!/ the lady with
    her face and torso inside the chassis
    of a car/she has a figure to beat the
    mightiest of bands/and i like her
    secret smile even more than her
    leather packed ass/then there was the
    girl from Nippon, (Japan), wearing both
    the teenie weenie mini skirt and showing
    a lot of flesh/as well as the girl wearing
    that floor scraping waist high leather
    dress/ then too i remember, so many
    others, the two offering their butt to the
    viewer, like it wasn't worth much all/
    when a shapely bottom like that of those
    two is worth all the gold in China to
    a poor boy/like me/myself/and I/what
    would i give to even run my hand over
    it, caress it or give it a teasing pinch/
    never mind seeing it in the buff/or taking
    a peek inside/just heaved a deep sigh
    at the very contemplation/before the night
    is thru, you know what I have to do?/ guess
    i better go through all the photos of models
    from one to whatever, and save my further
    poetizing energies up to comment on THEIR
    LOVELY LEATHER! Don't feel bad if you
    did not get mentioned/that's the result of
    an imperfect memory/not any lack on your part
    or ill intention! Believe me? Insofar as it is
    possible to love people you haven't MET,
    LOVE Y'ALL! Never anything like this before!

  3. #3 and #9 - @lara_winter from Germany. One of the absolute hottest asses in leather you'll find at the moment, and not a bad face either! Well worth following on Instagram.