Sunday 2 January 2022

Miscellaneous Leather 157: Leather Mini-Skirts (Part 35- Asian edition)

More leggy lovely ladies- this time exclusively from Far East Asia- squeezed into thigh-skimming and mostly tight-fitting leather mini-skirts:


  1. Photos 2 and 42 - beautiful girls both; well they all are, but those two in particular. Asian girls just rock the leather look - miniskirts and leather dresses especially!

  2. ladies of the pale blue fingernails: let me please point out to you,
    if you don't already know, in defence, that I only spoke words,
    i "did not act" on any of them, that makes me white, not blue.
    If any of those words came true, somebody, someone, something,
    else must have "acted on them". Words are nowhere a crime.
    And they can't "cause" anything at all. For further info,
    please see Facebook. com, Chris Nelson, "Why I'd Smile for
    Me - For Sure! (true confessions) LoL!!!!! The focus is again on
    "words" vs. "acting on them", and the inability of words to cause
    anything. Please don't demonize with colours that aren't me.
    The blue baby is not me but s. else!